Royal Lush Fine Dine

Let us take this opportunity to introduce “The Berry’s.” the newest venture with the tag line of Culinary cuisine.


Green Salad
Finger cuts of fresh vegetables served with dressing

Green Salad
Finger cuts of fresh vegetables served with dressing

Tossed Salad
Cube cuts of fresh veg amtinated in venigrated dressing

Sprouts Salad
Assorted sorouts mivxed with pomogranate and lemon dressing

Corn Salsa
American corn marinated with salsa derssing

Fruit Chat
Fresh cut fruits marinated with lemon and honey dressing

Russian Salad
Boiled fresh vegetable marinated with mayoneese

Masala Pappad Double Decker
Fried in oil or clay pot dreid pan cake garnished with fresh vegetables

Signature Salad Veg Non Veg
Crispy iceberg with american corn olive caspicum lemon dressing

Chef Special Garden Salad
Chef own recipe to make garden fresh salad

Pasta Salad Veg / Non Veg
Boiled pasta marinitated with venigrated


Manchow Soup Veg / Non Veg
All time faviorute soup served with crispy noodles

Sweet Corn Soup Veg / Non Veg
Rich american corn soup all time faviouret

Hot & Sour Soup Veg / Non Veg
Traditional chinnes soup cooked with mushroom & bamboo shoots

Clear Soup Veg / Non Veg
Stock water of veg or non veg served fresh veg or chicken

Tom Yom Soup Veg / Non Veg
Thai soup with assorted veg & coconut.

Chef Special Soup Veg / Non Veg
Chef special from indian / continental / chineese as per his mood

Sea Food Soup
A thin soup sea food flavoured

Egg Drop Tomato Soup
Roasted tomato soup top of egg


Mexion Potato
Deep fried crispy potato marinated with mexian hearbs

Crispy Cheese Fry
A stick full filled with cheese p/apple & cherry

Kabooli Paneer Sheek
Mashed paneer marinated in indian spices,tomato, onion,caspicum chopped & cooked in claypot

Ajwaine Paneer Tikka
Paneer cuts marinated in indian spices,cashewnut, cheese & ajwani & cooked in clay pot

Aloo Anarkhali
Shallow potato filled with paneer , potato, anar in indian spices & cooked in clay pot

Paneer Sitara Tikka
Paneer cuts in mugali maratation with white & black seasum seeds & cooked in clay pot

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